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24 Mar Posted by in Surf | 7 comments

Advantages to kneeboarding include a very low center of gravity, reduced wind resistance, being able to ride higher on the face of the wave and farther back in the tube, and the ability to take off on a steeper part of the wave.

  1. kevin09-12-11

    Do you have any kneeboards for sale?


  2. kevin09-12-11

    do you have any kneeboards for sale?


  3. Chris11-12-11

    Kneeboards. Looking for a kneeboard.
    Do you have a store front / used selection / advice for guy too old to pop up on his shortboard?

  4. Ron Baldi07-24-14


    I’d like some prices on your kneeboards. I surf mostly on the outer banks in North Carolina so conditions range from small soft waves to overhead barrels. Do you have boards that meet these conditions? I’ve been surfing since 66 and stopped about 5 years ago. I’ve been body boarding every since but would like to try kneeboarding after talking with a friend.
    Could you give me an idea on the cost of a board, shipping and any other charges. I am a retired deaf school teacher so email is the best form of communication for me.

    By the way shipping charges would be to Buxton, NC or Columbia, MD


  5. david rigo12-16-14

    Hi I am coming into San Diego for a family visit Jan 2015
    do you have any kneeboards for sale new or used??
    What size and what price
    David Rigo

  6. John12-23-14

    Cost if a kneeboard?
    Also you have my faux-wood board from HSS, what’s the plan for fixing? I’m curious how you would “match” the wood, it isn’t real wood is it? I know there’s a veneer beneath, but then there’s like an overlay of a grain pattern? Let me know please Tom, also when you think it may be done by, I miss the board, it’s my go-to Bolsa Chica board.

  7. Tom C12-28-14

    I’m and ole time knee boarder. Looking to get new board.
    How much are you building boards for these days?

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