42″ Longboard Skateboard

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42″ Longboard Skateboard  //  Real Wood Skateboards

30 Mar Posted by in Skate | 3 comments
42″ Longboard Skateboard

Top of the line, Handmade, Solid Wood Masterpieces.

Made like a surfboard with nose and tail rocker (not “Boigo Flex” Plywood) Finished with fiberglass and resin. Revenge “Alpha II” Trucks, Abec 5 precision bearings and 65mm wheels for the ultimate carving experience. These boards are THE BEST bar none! Cruise the concrete or display ‘em on you wall, Either way you’re style’n!


At RealWood we make ‘em the way they’re supposed to be made. We take Clear, Natural, Solid  (No Veneer) Poplar, Redwood, Ash, Birch or Cottonwood, Lay it up “Vertically” into various stringer configurations (Off Set, Single, 3-stringer, T-Band) add a 60’s style layered wood tail block, Then shape it complete with nose and tail rocker, into the cleanest, sweetest 42” or 48” longboard money can buy!


Our solid wood, “Vertical” lay-up offers very high strength and “Memory”. It’s the same method utilized in the construction of homes. A houses floor and roof joints are also layed up “Vertically” to utilize the woods grain structure to employ the most strength. RealWood Skateboards “Give” they don’t flex. Our “Rocker’d” deck already gives you a lower center of gravity allowing better “torque” in and out of turns. Not to mention, we also wrap our boards in a crystal clear layer of resin and fiberglass (extra strength for you 200+ pounders), polish the bottom to a mirror finish, add a clear, super-grip texture to the deck then top it off with a clear, no ding, rubber nose guard.

  1. Brad06-09-12

    You do beautiful work. Is it possible to buy a board just like the 42 inch model in the photograph? If so, what would it cost? I’d love to own one.


    Brad in Atlanta

  2. Tricia Perault12-17-12

    Not sure if my other contact attempt made it through to you — I’m interested in a 42″ board as a gift for my son. Can you give me pricing and availability info? Thanks so much.

  3. Tony perault12-17-12

    Looking for a 42″ skateboard for my son

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