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New Stuff

04 Jan Posted by in Blog Entries, Surf | 2 comments
New Stuff

Most surfboards are designed today within the perimeters of what is gonna sell. Most builders look to what the big companies are selling and follow suit.The big companies hire pros to sell their product, and pros almost never go outside their zone of what has been working for them, so they get a load of machine shaped duplicates to insure their performance level. I like to see new stuff, so I make new stuff. Is it ever gonna make the main stream? Of course not, but I’ve these ideas, and I turn them into boards..

  1. bird01-08-13

    VE flex foils & fins…?

  2. Paul Bruinsma11-04-13

    hey tom—great meeting you the other day—nice site and i think your art work is awesome—some cool stuff

    my stuff is more graphic oriented—print collateral and some photoshop stuff

    my info is on the site keyed above

    let me know if you or someone you may know might need any graphic support


    ps. at the bottom of my site are some fun photoshop production files—even some surf stuff

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